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Refrigeration and air-conditioning system heat bypass, do you understand?

Energy Control and Method of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System
It effectively limits the evaporating pressure when the system is under low load. And it can prevent the system from starting and stopping frequently, the compressor running below the return air pressure required by the design, and the evaporating coil from frosting.
way of energy control
1. Adopt multi-level system
2. Single-stage system with multiple compressors
3. Adopt frequency conversion compressor
4. Use the unloading of the compressor head
5. Hot gas bypass
Hot gas bypass concept
The hot gas bypass as an energy regulation can provide a way to bypass the high-temperature gaseous refrigerant at the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of the system, so as to ensure that the system always operates at a given minimum return gas pressure.
Application and method of hot gas bypass
Two methods of hot gas bypass: direct bypass to the return gas end; bypass to the inlet of the evaporator.
                                        Bypass directly to the return air side, controlled by solenoid valve and manual valve.
Fridge freezer
Fridge freezer
Main Target Markets
Mainland China, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin America, Russia, European countries, Australia and other regions
Refrigerator solution description:
According to household electrical appliance products’ assembly process flow and plant features, plan the production line layout, offer appropriate type of conveyance line and realize the streamlined production of the whole production process, such as pre-assembly, vacuum-pumping, refrigerant charging, safety check, leakage check, performance inspection, packaging and packing. The line can be used for two production modes (SKD and CKD) according to customer budget and part type. The conveyor line can be controlled automatically with PLC with variable speed and stable conveyance.
Based on refrigerator assembly process flow and plant details, plan the production line layout in

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